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Why Luka?

Why are Luke Drums so incredible? Well… since the very beginning of this enterprise, Luka has been dedicated to constantly improving the products as well as exploiting the solid shells’ properties to the max! …. This is why Luka Drums are the best!....

Let’s go a bit more into detail…

First, contrary to certain companies who use vertical ply on interiors and exteriors, all our shells are completely solid, meaning that no glues, ply or joints are used; all drums are hollowed from one piece of quality log, thus allowing the sound vibrations to circulate naturally and freely between heads since all possible sound distortions coming from the shell are inexistent.

Many of our competitors have holes (40 & up), screws and washers on their drum shells. For our part, with our own personalized lug, we reduce holes to a maximum of 10; this represents a 75% reduction of holes. Furthermore, our 10 lugs are designed to be central and fixed at the « death point » of the drum shell, thus allowing their shape to absorb any little movements in the shell.

In the same philosophy, our logo is burned into the wood rather than inscribed on a metal plate needing to be fixed on the shell; this also decreases vibration distortions.

Now… where are the holes for the butt and strainer??

Our strainers are not fixed to the drum shell… both butt and strainer are fixed on the bottom RIM!!! This allows the shell to freely resonate without additional holes and screws. This setup also allows you to replace your bottom head without removing the snares already in place and having to readjust them.

Furthermore, all our bass drums are in suspension…. Bass drum spurs are mounted on suspension rims, like toms. Once again, the less holes and stress you have on the shell, the less sound distortions you have and the better the quality of sound you get.

All the qualities mentioned above add to the fact that when you buy a Luka Drum article, you’re sure to be buying a UNIQUE HANDMADE PIECE!! Each piece of quality wood is different… the painting process in never repeated… all quality materials are used… you just can’t go wrong with a Luka Drum!!!

Now… to add to all this quality… Luka Drums is « going green »: for every snare or drum sold, the owners of the company commit to planting one tree; this is our way of « giving back to the great forests that give us the opportunity to make these wonderful drums….

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We are proud to introduce you to Luka Percussion, unique custom true solid drum builder. After a tour of our website, feel free to contacts us if you have further questions. To provide the best drums and the best customer service is the heart of Luka’s philosophy.

About Luka

LuKa percussion is dedicated to offering the finest instruments possible with attention to detail, quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

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