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Yves Coulombe: He’s the founder and President of Luka Percussion. One day carpenter and the other woodworker, he also developed Luka products to what they are today: The number 1 reference in the high-end market of percussions instruments. He now concentrates all his efforts and energies in the factory, continuing to assure the quality and always pushing limits a bit further.




Lucas Coulombe: Yves Coulombe’s son, his career was already marked. He started doing small jobs in the family business at age 7. Later after playing in a few orchestras as a percussionist and drummer, he studied the drums for 3 years at the Cegep, managed a business for two years, passed through 2 business related courses to finally take on Luka Percussion on a full-time basis. Today, he fully focuses on bringing Luka Percussion to the highest level on the international market.



Regis Roy: Another multidisciplinary man, his past experience as a percussions instruments maker (snares, xylophone, marimba …) brought him stunning sound skills and an impressive ear for music. His role in Luka Percussion is as a sound tech. As part of his work he assures that every shell of the same drum fits with each other making sure that fundamental notes match and that there is no discord. He has the ability to get a drum sounding like no one can!

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We are proud to introduce you to Luka Percussion, unique custom true solid drum builder. After a tour of our website, feel free to contacts us if you have further questions. To provide the best drums and the best customer service is the heart of Luka’s philosophy.

About Luka

LuKa percussion is dedicated to offering the finest instruments possible with attention to detail, quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

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