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That's what our new generation of sticks is offering you.
Yes! Luka Percussion presents this new drum stick line, a product in the image of the world’s modern percussion. Ergonomic, balanced, versatile and standard, these are the parameters on which we’re working.


Our famous grip: Both light and anti-slip. The anti-slip is located on the handles, allowing you to hold them with a minimum of support, thus delaying muscle exhaustion while permitting you to feel the wood.


We are proud to provide you the optimal stick dimensions in terms of length, diameter, shoulder and tip. In this vision, the weight of each stick is very important; each of our sticks is weighed to the nearest gram, allowing you to obtain the perfect match of sticks. Furthermore ,since the weight is written on each package, you will certainly find your ideal pair!!


This is a very pleasant term to us because it’s important to get sticks that fit as many musical purposes as possible, because of the shape of their "tips", designed to produce the required attack in every angle, our sticks do just that!
We also developed a signature model: A stick with a perforated tip for a lighter attack and a softer playing, without needing to change the whole size of your sticks, and without altering the life of it.

Our sticks are offered in models 5A and 5B and made of Hickory wood.


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We are proud to introduce you to Luka Percussion, unique custom true solid drum builder. After a tour of our website, feel free to contacts us if you have further questions. To provide the best drums and the best customer service is the heart of Luka’s philosophy.

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LuKa percussion is dedicated to offering the finest instruments possible with attention to detail, quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

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