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Snare drums

Each Luka snare drum is hand lathed from a single block of Canadian sugar maple into a True solid, seamless maple shell. There are no seams, no plies of wood, no glue used in the fabrication of our drums.

The effect of a true solid shell is much like a continuous resonating body. The seamless construction allows vibration to be transferred throughout the drum shell without obstruction. You will quickly notice how sweet the drums tone is and how it resonates. True solid shell drums boast high end clarity and projection. The deeper drum models have a fatter, deeper tone but always clear and loud.

Each of our snare drums has its own musical tone. They are available in 10-12-13-14 inch diameter and from 5 to 12 inches in depth. Shell wall thickness can range from 1/2 with integrated reinforcing hoops, up to 1 1/2 inches in thickness.

The wood grain is arranged vertically, creating a natural and direct transfer of energy and response to the snare side. You WILL notice that a Luka snare is much more sensitive and responsive.

The bearing edges are cut while the shell is still on the lathe. This ensures a perfectly concentric drum with a 100% perfect edge. It is painstakingly hand cut to a precise 45° angle, giving it plenty of attack.

To compliment the beauty of our drums and avoid using resonance-hindering badges, the Luka logo is burnt into the shell. Our drums are built without any air grommets. We polished each drill point, which eliminates the need for metal grommets. Snare drums feature smooth, quiet, reliable Nickel DrumWorks throw-offs, die-cast lugs, 2.3 mm hoops, and Premium Evans drumheads.


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We are proud to introduce you to Luka Percussion, unique custom true solid drum builder. After a tour of our website, feel free to contacts us if you have further questions. To provide the best drums and the best customer service is the heart of Luka’s philosophy.

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LuKa percussion is dedicated to offering the finest instruments possible with attention to detail, quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

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